Lucky Packet in Joburg, CT & Franschhoek

Hello, Joburg…

Lucky Packet had a fantastic welcome in Joburg at Love Books. I couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception, and it was a real privilege to have Harry Kalmer as my discussant. Lovely to have so many friends and family members around me. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Love Books, and to Graeme Jenner for that audience question about the sex scene…


…Cape Town…

I’m grateful to my publishing editor, Carolyn Meads, for fending off a near disaster in Cape Town! Imraan Coovadia, my supervisor, friend, and the designated discussant for the CT launch, was stuck behind a burning bus on the highway and couldn’t make the launch in time. Luckily Carolyn stepped into the role – after all, no-one knows the book better than she (even me, probably) – and it went off beautifully. It’s a dream come true to have my launch at the Book Lounge.


…and Franschhoek!

Next stop on my world tour – the Franschhoek Literary Festival. I was lucky enough to be invited onto a panel discussion mediated by Dianne Stewart and featuring Zanna Sloniowska, author of ‘The House with the Stained Glass Window’. Zanna’s book is truly remarkable, introducing me to the Ukrainian city of Lviv and four generations of strong women.

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