What is the Writer at Large, Medium and Small?

The Writer at Large, Medium and Small is a place I’m going to collect thoughts on starting out as a freelance writer. I’ll tell you what I’m working on, what it’s like trying to get published, what it’s like researching something, how I find topics to write about, my successes and failures and a few samples of my completed work.

My name is Trevor Sacks and I’m a recovering copywriter. I’ve been clean for two years now… well, I had a few relapses when some freelance came my way. You know how hard it is to resist. But really, I’ve spent the last two years writing a novel and I’ll spend the rest of this year polishing it before I beg a publisher to do something with it.

I love to write fiction and hope one day I’ll be able to support myself doing it. But I realise I’ll have to be extremely lucky to do so. Being good isn’t good enough. So in the meantime, join my while I try to find a way to not starve. I’ve written a few non-fiction articles and found I really enjoy researching and writing about things other people have forgotten about or overlook. I hope somebody will be interested in reading them.

So, essentially, this is a blog about writing, writing about writing, writing about being a writer. And probably a few other things that will come to me as I get into it. This is my first blog, so go easy on me.


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