Complicity at Open Book Festival

Open Book is my favourite festival to attend as an audience member…and now as a panellist, too! I chatted with two other writers on the topic of ‘complicity’.

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I was so happy to be on the same panel as Oyinkan Braithwaite and to be introduced to Jørn Lier Horst, too. ‘My Sister the Serial Killer’ was already on my reading list before I knew I’d be on a panel with Oyinkan – her book is a tight, funny story with killer (sorry!) characters. According to Jørn, Norway’s welfare system is the reason crime is so low in the country – but enough still slips through the cracks to turn this ex-detective into a popular crime writer.

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We were interviewed – in a wide-ranging chat on the topic of ‘complicity’ – by Africa Melane. The three books under discussion are pretty different from each other, but each one is bulging with secrets.



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What is the Writer at Large, Medium and Small?

The Writer at Large, Medium and Small is a place I’m going to collect thoughts on starting out as a freelance writer. I’ll tell you what I’m working on, what it’s like trying to get published, what it’s like researching something, how I find topics to write about, my successes and failures and a few samples of my completed work.

My name is Trevor Sacks and I’m a recovering copywriter. I’ve been clean for two years now… well, I had a few relapses when some freelance came my way. You know how hard it is to resist. But really, I’ve spent the last two years writing a novel and I’ll spend the rest of this year polishing it before I beg a publisher to do something with it.

I love to write fiction and hope one day I’ll be able to support myself doing it. But I realise I’ll have to be extremely lucky to do so. Being good isn’t good enough. So in the meantime, join my while I try to find a way to not starve. I’ve written a few non-fiction articles and found I really enjoy researching and writing about things other people have forgotten about or overlook. I hope somebody will be interested in reading them.

So, essentially, this is a blog about writing, writing about writing, writing about being a writer. And probably a few other things that will come to me as I get into it. This is my first blog, so go easy on me.


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